Prolific French electronic musician Fingers in the Noise (aka Laurent Bisch) known primarily for his rich atmospheric dub techno, has been creating music for well over twenty years with releases on BineMusic, Deepindub, ZeECc, Fitn Personal Records, Sound Source and Kosmo.

basic_sounds is honoured to present Insomnia, a three track EP demonstrating different submersive moods experienced in the morning. “Insomnia 1:06 AM” is a slow emerging floating dub journey with heavy bass pulses and drifting chords. “Insomnia 3:01 AM” is a pulsing, crackling atmospheric dub track with buoyant rhythms and subtle vocals. Fingers in the Noise closes the release with “Insomnia 6:28 AM” a lush rhythmic dub voyage with reverberating percussion sounds and ambient nuances that drift throughout. Overall a stunning and masterfully produced release.

Insomnia 1:06 AM
Insomnia 3:01 AM
Insomnia 6:28 AM

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