Teemu T | Equanimity

Prolific Finnish producer Teemu T honours basic_sounds with his exceptional release Equanimity. Teemu T has been creating deep dub techno soundscapes for well over two decades with releases on Pohjola, Instabil, Bio-mechanics, Zooloft, Carmarage, ZeECc, Quadrant Recordings and his most recent full-length album Entheoform on Confineless.

Equanimity opens up with “Elsewhere” a dreamy dense atmospheric dub journey with reverberating pads combined with a deep pulsing bassline to tie it all together. The self-titled track “Equanimity” is a contemplative subtle drifting eight-minute dub voyage alluding to feelings of floating. Reflective yet propulsive, for the ultimate dreamscape. “Essence of Noise” closes the EP with an endless reverberating bounce of layered echo chords drenched in soft white washing textures. Overall a sublime configuration of airy chords, beautiful deep textures and pulsing beats, a stunning absorbing recipe.

Essence of Noises

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