Overcast Sound | Commute

Dub techno producers Jamie Drouin and Michael Pettit slow things down on their second exceptional basic_sounds release, Commute. Influenced by their travels over the last year, with Pettit presently residing in Holland, the duo masterfully deliver two 20-minute long dubby soundscapes, idyllic for those introspective moments spent on commuter trains. “Westward” is a reflective atmospheric journey with restrained basslines, echoing pads and rhythmic clicks. Organic warm washes and distant crackles gradually evolve within its subtle melodies for an overall calm and contemplative ride. “Eastward” starts off with soft floating melodies combined with dusty beats, airy chords and jazzy shuffling cymbals. Subtle vocals drift throughout the piece and intertwine with reverberating percussions. Both compositions offer a laid back dub voyage that only becomes better with each listen.

Overcast Sound have numerous releases on Silent Season, Thoughtless Music, Rohs Records, Untitled & After, Falk Recordings and Entropy Records. This fall they’ll be reuniting in Berlin.


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REVIEWS: A Strangely Isolated Place | Exclaim


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